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Do you like shopping for gifts? I sure don’t . . . especially during the holiday season!

I love to make my gifts for the people I care about. I am always looking around to see what I might make that would be unique and useful. But with the effort of making the gift personally, my gift receivers know I have put personal thought into doing something to please them.

Most people think they don’t have the time to make gifts, but I make the time on Sundays. I am always a last minute person though. I’m not like a lot of people who start shopping for Christmas in July or making hand knit gifts. I met a great craftsman at a street fair in Martinez who makes filigree jewelry boxes. They are amazing and he sells them for $45. I had him make one for me for my rings. But not everyone uses a jewelry box. I use hangers I make for my necklaces, bracelets and earrings. I customize them and it’s easier for me to see through the clear windows which set I’m looking for for the specific outfit I’m wearing.

You might find a specific thing you are great at making and focus on that or come up with several things so you can make sure the person you are giving the gift to will actually use the gift.

Your Best Gift

Have you ever received a gift you didn’t want? Of course you have, everyone has from time to time. The well meaning gift giver had no clue what you would like or how to find out how to determine what you might be pleased with.

So what did you do? Did you tell them right out, “Why did you think I’d want this?” Well, unless you were nearly unconscious, I doubt you’d be that abrupt when receiving a gift.

Did you smile politely, grimace slightly, bite your tongue, take a deep breath and say something like “How thoughtful of you to give me a gift, you shouldn’t have!” All the while thinking, “Yea, really, you shouldn’t have!”

I hate to admit it but when I was 15 and having fought my weight for more than 5 years since I had my appendix out and my mother gave me a suite of tan and green hounds tooth with major pleats which made me look like I gained 20 pounds instantaneously.

My first thought was “She did this on purpose.”  That would have been typical of my mother. But what came out of my mouth was “I could never wear that!”

The look on my mother’s face told me she was sincere about giving me an outfit she thought I would have enjoyed. I believe I felt worse than she did, but she sent it back to Sears and didn’t replace it.

I learned to keep my mouth shut when receiving gifts I didn’t want and learned how to gracefully return them and get something I would enjoy.

Great gift giving is talent. I became a great gift giver by watching, listening and thinking well in advance, “What does this person do, what do they enjoy or what do they talk about?”

You can learn to give great gifts too, just pay attention to those you care about and it becomes easier the more you practice it.